Melhado Jones




Melhado Jones is a group of leading hair salons and barber shops in Canberra, Australia. We value quality, innovation, and education. We’re passionate about the craft of hair and creating amazing teams of genuine people that love what they do.


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The Melhado Jones approach

We believe in empowering our staff to be the best that they can be. This means recognising each individual’s strengths, investing time into tailored, ongoing training and development, and creating supportive work environments that allow them to thrive.

We emphasise work-life balance by taking a flexible approach to work. We have personalised options for team members such as working across multiple salons in the Melhado Jones group, working as a specialist in a single service, or simply working customised hours.

We nurture a culture where clients and staff feel valued, where people feel a sense of belonging, and where our teams are passionate about what they do. The results are high-quality services and friendly work environments.

The faces behind Melhado Jones

Melhado Jones was founded by renowned hair stylist Darren Jones and strategic marketer Nicolle Keyes. Darren is a respected stylist in the hairdressing industry both in Canberra and abroad. He is an industry educator and hair-cutting specialist with over 30 years of experience to his name. An advocate for personalised, natural beauty in hair, he loves the process of assisting clients to look and feel their best.

Darren has written and presented a successful series of educational courses called ‘Aesthetics’ aimed at sharing his more natural, individualised approach to cutting hair. He also offers specialist hair cutting education for international label Matrix Professional.

Nicolle brings with her over two decades of experience in marketing, big-picture strategy, and people management. Her ability to develop effective campaigns, create high performing teams, and turn challenges into success stories has seen her head up the marketing teams of several of Australia’s national, cultural institutions.

Nicolle’s ability to nurture people’s strengths coupled with her aesthetic sensibility makes her a strong compliment to the Melhado Jones duo. Together she and Darren pack a strong punch.


Melhado Jones Salons - Canberra, Australia